About Sebrae International Observatory – OIS

Sebrae International Observatory – OIS is an initiative implemented by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Agency aiming to gather and organize information and knowledge focusing on the competitive and sustainable development of small businesses and to foster entrepreneurship.

It consists of a virtual platform to share data, news, knowledge and information about best practices, partner institutions, publications (studies, researches, surveys, reports) networks, forums, projects, missions and international events.

The Observatory focuses on the international relations developed by Sebrae such as international networks, forum, events, benchmarking initiatives and technical cooperation projects. It’s also a platform to share information and knowledge with international partners.









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About the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Agency – Sebrae


The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Agency – Sebrae is a private nonprofit organization established in 1972 with the mission to promote competitiveness and sustainable development of micro and small businesses and to foster entrepreneurship.

Through partnerships with private and public sectors, Sebrae offers training programs, business consultancy and services, fosters local economic and territorial development. As an advocacy planer for small businesses Sebrae also works to improve the business environment and to facilitate the access to markets, credit, technology and innovation.

Sebrae has its headquarters in Brasilia and regional offices in all Brazilian States with nearly 800 small business development centers.

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Photo: Nelson Kon, 2010.